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Episode 2: How Much Marketing is Enough Marketing?

On this second episode of The BusinessWise TV Show, host Arte Maren Interviews Direct Mail Marketing Expert, and Founder of PostcardMania, Joy Gendusa.
In this interview, Joy details how she grew her company to a multi-million dollar business in a few short years from virtually nothing, by utilizing the management systems of L. Ron Hubbard.  

The Joy Gendusa Story
PostcardMania Founder & CEO
MARKETING BLOG: Ask Joy Gendusa  
With only her innate marketing savvy and a great idea, Joy Gendusa started PostcardMania in 1998. When she started, she had no capital – her only assets a computer and a phone – yet she created a marketing team that is now an industry juggernaut. 

Using postcards as the only marketing medium to grow her company in its formative years, Joy learned the ‘ins and outs’ of the postcard marketing industry. Through extensive testing and tracking methods, she was able to isolate the key factors that ensure postcard marketing success. She not only tells her clients to promote consistently to their target market in order to increase their overall income, but she practices what she preaches. She mails out 2 million postcards every week to her prospects and by using the principles that she has mastered, she has grown her company into a multi-million dollar corporation with over 150+ employees recognized in 2005 by Inc Magazine as the one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the nation.

Not only did her marketing techniques enable her to boom her business rapidly, but it enabled her to empower thousands of other businesses across the nation which is exactly what she did. Today, her company creates postcard marketing campaigns spanning many different industries and businesses across the nation.

When she started PostcardMania, there were only three other postcard companies around and none of them promoted broadly to general business. She saw a need and her innovation changed the face of the postcard marketing industry. Today there are literally hundreds of postcard companies that try to emulate Joy’s model.
She was the first in the direct mail industry to:
• promote and sell directly to the end user (businesses);
• educate them about printing in layman’s terms;
• offer mailing services in house to increase the speed of service and simplify the entire process;
• and give away valuable marketing education that other agencies charged dearly for.

The last ‘first’ is the one that stands out the most because it is the one that revolutionized the trade. In every industry there is a Sam Walton that comes along and sees a need that is not being filled. Like “Discount Retailing”, Joy started the “Free Advice Trend” in her industry that has empowered business owners with valuable marketing knowledge to enable them to be more causative over their marketing efforts, yet still be able to afford to broadly promote.

Joy’s incredible ability to choose the right employees made it easy for her find the perfect people to duplicate her desires and objectives. Early on, one of her main focuses was giving industrious young adults a chance to prove themselves where they had little or no training or experience before. She then molded them into top-notch executives that handle the PostcardMania staff and oversee the $19 million and climbing annual sales.

Unlike other CEO’s, Joy focuses on ensuring others assimilate her knowledge so that all her staff can create marketing campaigns for her 28,000+ customers no matter what position they have in the company. With all her execs and all her staff on the same page and each knowing what the overall company purpose is, they create a product for their customers that is unequaled. Each and every staff member knows that they are helping small businesses all over the country to expand through the use of direct mail postcard marketing techniques. This unified purpose to help other businesses is how they all personify their motto of The Postcard Marketing Experts™.

Because of her belief in others and her willingness to help so many, Joy has created a loyal team of employees at PostcardMania. Her incredible marketing know-how has enabled her to bring into a reality that initial dream she envisioned.

PostcardMania is a full service postcard direct mail marketing company which includes graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition and mailing services – with the unique service of in-depth marketing advice at absolutely no additional cost whatsoever. They print 4 million and mail 2 million postcards representing 28,000 customers in over 350 industries each week.

For more information about PostcardMania or to schedule an interview with Joy Gendusa, contact Ferris Stith at ferris@posctardmania.com or you can call 800-628-1804 x 342.