Episode 9: How to Build a Real Team in Your Business

On this episode of BusinessWise, host Arte Marin interviews entrepreneur Tom Cummins, who discusses in detail how he creates a team spirit in his companies, by using the Hubbard Management principles.

Mr. Cummins explains how basic principles of communication, organizational planning and execution of those plans by keeping the staff thoroughly informed works magic in terms of developing team spirit.

The management principles they discuss were developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the world renowned author of the all time best-selling self-help book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and the Founder of the Scientology religion.


CEO of American Power and Gas

Mr. Cummins is a veteran in the energy industry and founded one the most successful energy sales companies in the U.S. “Consumer Sales Solutions”, which he ran as CEO.

His desire to create a better experience for customers while accelerating the adoption of 100% Green Energy were the driving forces behind the creation of American Power & Gas.

“We are a purpose driven company, and that purpose is shifting our market base from death and towards life.
It is in our DNA.
It is why we go to work every morning.”

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